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Pentonyx, an Information Technology & Management Consulting Services company which provides innovative technology solutions has made its foot step in Qatar in the year of 2010. Pentonyx is looking forward to create strong relationship with our clients by providing proven innovative products & technologies and the best customer care.

Pentonyx has end-to-end Solutions Integration and experience in managing the projects right through ideation to fructification. All engagements are undertaken as a partnership, working with the client to establish an understanding of the business needs and requirements and thereafter providing the best means to achieve them.

Pentonyx is an excellent delivery team of IT resources with ability to ramp up in the Gulf and out of our offshore facility.

Pentonyx commit to Deliver Measurable Results – with our skin in the game till we are done.

Pentonyx is an outcome driven organization, with a passion for results – in terms of values we can help our Clients attain in their quest for excellence.

We Are The Best

To deliver the best Technologies & technology products,
guaranteeing trust work & credibility enabling customer’s commercial success is our mission.

  • Pentonyx HEALTHCARE
  • Pentonyx SECURITY
  • Pentonyx DIGITAL
  • Pentonyx INFRA
  • Pentonyx TELECOM
  • Pentonyx SUPPORT

Evolve, create and deliver solutions using the latest advances in technology to serve the needs of the health ecosystem to improve patient care.

  • Identify & Build partnerships
  • Spur and create innovation
  • Create customer relationships
  • Build and sharpen delivery capability
  • Create Intellectual Property
  • Penetrate GCC market

Intensive healthcare expertise with projects delivered in US, UK, Canada and Gulf.

Deep understanding of standards and protocols:

. Health Information Exchange

Business process consulting experience across healthcare ecosystem:

. Providers
. Insurance / Carriers, MCOs, TPAs
. Hospitals, Clinics, Tertiary Care Centers

Technology delivery teams for our service lines are available on site in Qatar and available on-demand offshore.

Technology resources average experience of 4.5 years.

Technology skills:

. Microsoft .net development
. Intersystems Cache, Ensemble, Zen, Deepsee, Healthshare, TrackCare
. Object Oriented Approach
. Agile Methodology

Independent validation team

. Tool based testing

  • We have our own flavour of the JAD / RAD development methodology, similar to Agile
  • We focus on creating a culture of nimble response and customer oriented processes
  • We have invested in spawning a culture of speed without compromise on efficiency
  • A Quality management system has been put in place to ensure adherence to process and repeatable excellence
  • A balance of quality control and assurance has been built into the development methodology and processes
  • We are now focussing on moving from process driven to metrics driven
  • An innovation culture has been put in place across levels
  • Knowledge sharing and recording of best practices ensures permeation of ideas
  • We challenge our staff not only to push the boundaries of what is possible but exhort them to be vocal about their ideas
  • Sensitive leadership is able to discern and direct the deserving threads of innovation to be put to the test in live market contexts
Testimonials & Clients

Pentonyx has been successful in delivering top quality technological solutions with unwavering customer trust due its deep understanding of various industry domains and expert knowledge of various technologies.

Safeer T P

The clinicians love what we have been able to do with HealthShare. The more information we can provide clinicians in a useable way‚ the more effectively they can care for patients.

General Manager, Al Safa Polyclinic

Ibrahim Khalil

The Techward dashboard basically enables ‘one-stop shopping’ by providing a central, constantly updated repository of critical clinical information.

CEO, HealthSpring World Clinic

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